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dig deep. grow strong.


Inner Mission provides counseling and guidance to clients as they re-imagine their lives.



Therapeutic experience that goes beyond just clinical training and years spent working in various mental health settings. Collaborate with 

therapists who have also experienced traumatic births, navigated life with special needs children, crafted career changes, weathered marriage crises, and suffered through grief/loss. 

Autumn Leaves



Effective and successful therapy is achieved when there is an open, honest, and genuine relationship between the client and therapist. Work with therapists that have the capacity and awareness to gain a deeper understanding of your life – including strengths, challenges, perceptions, behavior patterns, and the vision you have for your future. 




The word can imply adventure, or long and arduous travel. The choice is yours. As you embark on a new path, we will be there to guide you through the changes you encounter and assist you in the development you desire. 

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There is a lot of media attention on weight, health, and longevity these days. We are just beginning to address the role mental health plays in all these areas, and countless others. Our mental health impacts our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. There are many causes from situational to biological, but treatment is key. If you are ready to engage in the transformation process and increase the quality of your days, then it is time to focus on your mental health and wellness. 

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